Beginning Band consists of students participating in their first year of music study. Students are taught the basic playing components of their instruments. Students learn to read and understand musical notation, as well as develop an inherent sense of rhythm and tempo. Fundamental concepts are reinforced frequently throughout the school year and emphasis is placed on preparing students for successful performance required in Concert Band. The Beginning Band performs two concerts per year - a Christmas concert in December and a spring concert in May. 

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Christmas Concert Music

Beginning Band Curriculum

Note Demoninations and Rhythm

  • Quarter notes
  • Half notes
  • Whole notes
  • Dotted half notes
  • Dotted quarter notes
  • Single eighth notes
  • Introduction to sixteenth notes
  • Introduction to syncopation

Time Signatures

  • 4/4
  • 3/4
  • 2/4
  • Common time


  • Flute: Low C to high D
  • Clarinet: Low F to high C
  • Saxophone: Low C to high D
  • Trumpet: Low A to high E (4th space)
  • Trombone: Low A to high D
  • Baritone: Low A to hgih D


  • Key signature recognition 
  • Accidentals (naturals, sharps, and flats)
  • Road maps (D.C. Al Fine, D.S. Al Coda, etc.)
  • Repeat signs (single and 1st/2nd endings)
  • Tempo markings (andante, moderato, allegro, accelerando, ritardando, etc.)
  • Expressive markings (crescendos, decrescendos, etc.)
  • Dynamic markings (forte, mezzo-forte, mezzo-piano, piano)


  • Basic playing/embouchure set-up
  • Creating a characteristic tone on instruments
  • Major scales: concert B-flat, concert E-flat, concert A-flat, and concert F (all tongued in quarter notes at quarter note = 84)
  • One octave concert B-flat chromatic scale (tongued in quarter notes at quarter note = 84)

Other Concepts

  • Basic articulation markings (staccato, accent, tenuto)
  • Breathing exercises
  • Introduction to balance and blend
  • Basic sight-reading procedures
  • Intonation tendencies/ear-training exercises
  • Effective practice habits and record keeping
  • Four-measure phrasing by the end of the year